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Sullivan Hall Artist Showcase: Part 1

On August 22nd, 2011 I had the privilege of being a special guest judge for an artist showcase at Sullivan Hall in New York, NY. The winner of the artist showcase was given an opportunity to get music industry advice from me and get help on developing a marketing plan to enhance their career. Before the showcase got started, I had the opportunity to sit down on stage and give a short analysis on the music industry.

I explained to the artists about taking advantage of the online resources that are provided to them on a daily basis. Major labels no longer posses the power they used to because the internet has changed the way people discover and consume music. Artists now have the ability to distribute, market, and promote themselves to the point where they can create a movement to sustain a career without any major corporate alliance. Look at the independent success of Odd Future, Tech N9ne, Lil B, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller to solidify my opinion. 

Out of the 15+ rappers that performed during the showcase, only a few had the stage presence, creativity, originality, and lyrical content for a potential music career. At the end of a night, I decided the artist that fit most of the criteria I was looking for was an 18 year old rapper named Nyko from Albany, NY. As soon as Nyko jumped on stage he got the attention of the crowd by spitting sharp acapella freestyles. After the acapella freestyle he started performing the upbeat and energetic track entitled “Green Light”. Nyko was jumping around all over the stage and engaging the crowd to recite the words to his song. Nyko then performed another track entitled “Layout”. The second track he performed was raw in emotion and gave the crowd a audio tale of his life. The track was real and I could feel the pain and emotion Nyko was presenting through his lyrics on stage. I told Nyko he has plenty of work ahead of him if he wants to maximize his potential. Potential can be a gift and a curse, but if he’s willing to take the necessary steps to improve his craft he could be a hit.

More information & media on Nyko will be provided soon. 

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